Often, home renovations don't go exactly as planned - either going way over budget or schedule, or unforseen problems cause additional time, work, and money.
Most of these situations can be avoided with some careful planning and proper decision making, sooner rather than later in the process.

Here are a few items that may help

Prepare a budget

  1. Be aware of local regulations
  2. Find good tradespeople
  3. Know your start and completion dates
  4. Select the right products and sizes
  5. Prepare plans
  6. Purchase the products effectiveley
  7. What should I purchase myself?
  8. What services are available to my property?

Before you start shopping for your new bathroom or kitchen you must know your spending limits. Whether you are getting a loan or paying cash, you need to work out how much your project is going to cost. Some businesses also offer finance solutions for approved customers.
Be aware of council regulations
Find out all the information you can before you arrange tradesperson. If your home is heritage listed you will need to meet strict council regulations. Many renovations must be approved by the council before work can commence. Contact your local council for more details.

Finding a tradesperson

Speak with family and friends who have done renovations or built a home. It is important to find a tradesperson that you can communicate with. Make sure you understand everything they are telling you. Book a tradesperson well ahead of time, as they can be booked for months in advance. Ensure that your tradesperson is licensed. Your product warranties are only valid if installed by a licensed tradesperson.
Know your start and completion dates
Communicate with your tradesperson and come to an agreement of realistic start and completion dates for your project. If you have a specific date that the job must be finished by, for example you have relatives coming to stay, let your tradesperson know. Keep in mind that unexpected problems can hold up your project, no matter how well you have planned it.

Selecting Products

It may take a few shopping trips for you to decide on the products that give you the look you desire and are also practical for your needs. Browse through a print or online catalogue. Once you have decided on a style (modern, heritage or easy living) this will narrow down your product choices. Be aware of any size restrictions of the room. Print out or write down product specifications and measure up your bathroom. You may use the online bathroom planner at the Bourne Bathroom and Kitchen Centre website to layout the products you have chosen.
Talk to your tradesperson about your choices. If the tradesperson tells you that a product you have chosen is unsuitable, find out why. It may just be that extra work is required that they don't want to do. Remember, it is your home and you need to be satisfied once the job is complete.

Prepare plans

It is important that you draw up plans of your bathroom or kitchen. Discuss the plans with your tradesperson. Let him know what sort of products you would like, so he will know what work needs to be done. For example if you have chosen an inwall cistern, the tradesperson will need to know so he can set up the plumbing correctly before the tiling is done. It is best to have specifications of all of the products you have chosen so the tradesperson knows exactly what work is required. Purchasing products
When selecting products, find out how long it will take for delivery. Some goods such as tapware and toilets will be in stock, while others such as spas and vanity units are custom made and can take up to 1 month to order in. Often these custom made products are non-refundable so confirm your product choices with your tradesperson before ordering. Find out from your tradesperson which products they will required first. Generally, the first products needed are the shower base, bath or spa and mixers if they are being installed on the wall.
As an owner builder, what should I purchase myself?
If you are owner building, make sure you purchase all of the main products for your bathroom, kitchen and laundry. This will ensure that you make all of the decisions and achieve the result you want. There will be things you will not think about when placing an order, such as different handle types on a vanity unit, the pump position of your spa, that you will need to decide on. It is important to make these decisions yourself as they will affect the overall result of your project. Smaller fittings for plumbing can be purchased by your tradesperson.
What services are available to my property?
It is important to know whether you need gas or electric appliances (hot water unit, cooking appliances). If you live further out from the city, you may need LPG appliances. If you currently have electric appliances and you want to change to gas, speak with your tradesperson to determine if this is going to be cost effective and worthwhile in the long run. If you are building a new home, decide on the appliances you want before building begins, as the plumbing will need to be roughed in based on your product selection.
What sort of Hot Water Unit do I need?
There is a wide range of hot water units available and it can be quite daunting to try and choose one. If you are replacing an existing unit your choices can be limited, so speak with your tradesperson. The instantaneous hot water units are popular at the moment, but they use a larger gas line than the standard storage units. This can mean major plumbing changes which can be quite costly, though in the long run the instantaneous systems are cost efficient.
Many of these points seem somewhat obvious, but the problem arises when you start taking things for granted. When you don't make sure that all your bases are covered, you may find that you have invested a lot of time, effort and money in a home renovation that you may end up unhappy with.

By way of simple definition, the term, remodeling refers to the process of enhancing or improving any given structure be it a home, building, office, or any other structure. In wider sense, the term is also referred to as renovation. Both terms are equally synonymous.

Basically, there are two major types of remodeling. These include, residential and commercial remodeling. Residential remodeling is all about renovating residential buildings, improving home features and so on. On the other hand, commercial remodeling refers to the renovation of commercial buildings, offices and corporate edifices.

Remodeling has specific processes involved. These include planning, engineering, structure repair, rebuilding and finishes. The whole process begins with adequate planning. Remodeling companies take time to plan what to be accomplished in the all other processes. If you're doing the remodeling yourself, you need to sit down to plan and budget well in order to execute the other processes well.

The engineering aspect of remodeling is also very important. It gives impetus to all other processes. Structure repair and rebuilding are the action points. This is when the actual renovation is launched. During this period, lots of considerations have to be made. Space management comes in here. The engineer or builder involved in the process takes time to look at the spaces available and device avenues to manage well effectively.

Another aspect to consider during remodeling is energy conservation. This simply refers to the effort made to minimize the consumption of energy. This is usually achieved through effective use of available energy recourses during the remodeling process. When energy conservation is properly applied, lots of positive results are achieved. The process can lead to environmental quality, security, human comfort, money conservation and a lot more.

The finishing point of remodeling is also very important. This is the stage when finishing touches are made on the renovations being carried out. At this stage, every other necessary addition is made. Crosschecking is properly done to make sure everything has been put in place. With this, the entire process of remodeling is concluded.

In all, remodeling is vital process for the continual existence of structures. When properly followed, you're sure to gain a lot from it. It's usually very important to engage the services of remodeling outfits anytime you have a need for renovation. All you need is to search for them online. When properly done, remodeling can be a beneficial process that can improve your buildings.

Garage remodelling is becoming a popular trend all across the country these days. The reasons to remodel your garage are actually quite obvious when you look at the facts. If you live in a modest 2000 square foot house and have lost room to stretch out or even workout for that matter, your garage may prove to be the perfect place to exercise, do yoga, or a quiet place to just think. You may find your garage is 1/4 the size of your whole house.

You might look at the condition of your garage currently and cringe at the thought of even walking through it, let alone relaxing in your garage, but with some proper planning and a little hard work you can have years of enjoyment and add totally usable space without the expense of a costly room addition. Most garages are over 500 square feet of space that just get cluttered with stuff we would rather not see until we need it.

As with any other building project, a garage remodel requires a well thought out plan of attack. The most obvious place to start with a garage remodel is by getting rid of trash and stuff you will never need. Next would be to find a way to store the stuff you cannot do without.

If there is no drywall on the walls of your garage, this is the time to insulate. Walls and ceilings should be insulated and if you can afford the additional costs and don't have one already you should replace your garage door with an insulated one. It may seem like a large cost to insulate, but you will notice the difference.

Many people have a washer and dryer inside their garage and perhaps a wash basin, water heater and maybe a forced air furnace. If these items can be walled up and louvered doors installed to hide them, you will almost forget they are there. Sometimes it helps to move things around a bit to maximize the space you do have. Of course make sure all codes and clearances are followed and if any gas appliances are in the room, make sure to have good fire/carbon monoxide detectors in place.

Many ceilings in garages require additional framing in order to hold drywall and may require engineering and plans, but often times what is there is perfectly adequate. There is usually not enough power outlets in a garage or lighting circuits for that matter and getting additional power almost always means new circuits in your panel, if there is room and adequate amperage.

By just clearing up what you have and doing the few things mentioned so far, you will have a nice shell that can be used for all sorts of reasons. At this point your garage remodel can become anything you like so if the remodel wasn't too much for you, toss down a yoga mat and some barbells and really get to work.

Your results may vary, if you have any questions you can always contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Remodeling a room in your home does not have to be a stressful undertaking. In fact, if planned and executed correctly a remodeling project can become quite an enjoyable experience. Imagine watching every step of your dream for that particular part of your living space come to life and become space that you have always wanted.

Adding little touches of fun to any space can make the project more enjoyable as you are able to visualize the outcome as the project is moving along. Keeping the green in mind whether it is the cost of the project or making a conscious effort to use recycled materials can be a fun challenge. Taking the green recycled material route can add a bit of a fun challenge to the project as well as being great for the environment.

No matter what your remodeling project is, keeping it fun and enjoyable for you is important. Turn the space into exactly what you want and you'll reap the benefits for years to come. Taking shortcuts and skimping on the quality of the materials and labor will quickly drive any project into frustration and no one likes to ever be there. Unfortunately that is where a lot of remodeling projects end up.

No matter what area you have decided to take on, never forget to add a touch of yourself in the planning. Personalizing your space tells your visitors who you are and can create a more pleasant environment for you. It becomes the space that you love and never want to leave.

If you are interested in design ideas or if you have any questions you can contat This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

I so love this stuff, we had a project that started out as "I'd like to level out this patio a bit..." What we did was remove a tree that was ready to split into 3 pieces and seriously hurt whatever it hit. The tree could have wiped out the house or any one of the other three neighbors on either side. We poured new concrete all the way down the side of the house and replaced the patio in the rear. We Replaced the fences, repaired the existing planters and installed some landscaping. We also replaced the full height windows and slider that takes up the entire back wall of the living room with quality dual pane energy efficient windows.

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