Garage remodelling is becoming a popular trend all across the country these days. The reasons to remodel your garage are actually quite obvious when you look at the facts. If you live in a modest 2000 square foot house and have lost room to stretch out or even workout for that matter, your garage may prove to be the perfect place to exercise, do yoga, or a quiet place to just think. You may find your garage is 1/4 the size of your whole house.

You might look at the condition of your garage currently and cringe at the thought of even walking through it, let alone relaxing in your garage, but with some proper planning and a little hard work you can have years of enjoyment and add totally usable space without the expense of a costly room addition. Most garages are over 500 square feet of space that just get cluttered with stuff we would rather not see until we need it.

As with any other building project, a garage remodel requires a well thought out plan of attack. The most obvious place to start with a garage remodel is by getting rid of trash and stuff you will never need. Next would be to find a way to store the stuff you cannot do without.

If there is no drywall on the walls of your garage, this is the time to insulate. Walls and ceilings should be insulated and if you can afford the additional costs and don't have one already you should replace your garage door with an insulated one. It may seem like a large cost to insulate, but you will notice the difference.

Many people have a washer and dryer inside their garage and perhaps a wash basin, water heater and maybe a forced air furnace. If these items can be walled up and louvered doors installed to hide them, you will almost forget they are there. Sometimes it helps to move things around a bit to maximize the space you do have. Of course make sure all codes and clearances are followed and if any gas appliances are in the room, make sure to have good fire/carbon monoxide detectors in place.

Many ceilings in garages require additional framing in order to hold drywall and may require engineering and plans, but often times what is there is perfectly adequate. There is usually not enough power outlets in a garage or lighting circuits for that matter and getting additional power almost always means new circuits in your panel, if there is room and adequate amperage.

By just clearing up what you have and doing the few things mentioned so far, you will have a nice shell that can be used for all sorts of reasons. At this point your garage remodel can become anything you like so if the remodel wasn't too much for you, toss down a yoga mat and some barbells and really get to work.

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